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Listing a property takes a lot of time and effort. You need to know what homes in your neighborhood are selling for, price accordingly, market your listing and handle home visits - all while working your regular full-time job. Simplify the selling process by choosing Melissa Senise. Our team of realtors knows the ins and outs of a volatile real estate market, and can ensure your property is listed at the appropriate price and marketed towards the right demographic. Don't take less than what your home is worth, ensure you get the money your property deserves by working with a knowledgeable realtor!

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We use our extensive knowledge of the local real estate market to work out contract deals for clients like you, negotiating the price point you want for your property. Focus on your day job, family and move without the added hassle of coordinating your home’s sale. Melissa Senise will have your sale taken care of before you know it. Let us get more eyes on your home listing, walk potential clients through the home for a visit and highlight its best features for potential buyers. You won't have to handle a thing. Schedule a consultation with Melissa Senise today!